Flex Spy

Our spying oyster is composed of a specific and robust encapsulation (its plastic is food-compatible). They act as real sentries, camouflaged within oyster parks and deep-sea cultures. Its highest recorded autonomy (60 months) and its temperatures reports allow shellfish farmers to access to the best of connected technology at a low pricing. Our Flex Monitoring application (iOS and Android) gives you access to the Flex Analytics platform.

Work with confidence for €10 per month

*60 months commitment

Technology dedicated to environment

Battery life of 60 months

Real-time Alert
by text message or email

Just choose who's getting the alert and when

Optimal camouflage

Tough & easy to hide

Geolocalization (to the nearest 5 metres)
52 days of tracking

Discretion, autonomy
and reliability

How it works

The Oyster Farmer received his Oyster baskets

1. Get your oyster baskets

He unpin his Oyster

2. Unpin your oysters

Sync flex monitoring with your oyster

3. Quickly synchronise Flex Monitoring with your oysters

Put them in your Oyster farm

4. Position them across your oyster farm

Flex Spy features

Communication protocol: 
RF low-frequencies LoRa 868 MHz    

Sleep Mode Autonomy: 
60 months with « Weekly Keep Alive »

Tracking Mode Autonomy:
52 Days

Body Material:
PEHD Alimentary

Ip box fabrication:
Ultrasonic weld / seal / resin

Submersion depth:
90 metres

Temperature sensor:
-20°C / +70°C

Signal cryptography:
AES 128 bit Key (bank level)

Accelerometer programation: 
Three-dimensional analysis of motion 
and trajectory recomposition

Product origin:
100% French production

How are our products manufactured?

  1. Step 1: Making the electronic board

    The electronic boards are manufactured in France by the Flex Sense company

  2. Step 2: Integrating firmware

    The firmware of Flex Sense is integrated to the components

  3. Step 4: Integrating mecatronics

    Electronic cards are integrated in the 'Oysters' cases at ASM France

  4. Step 3: Making of 'Oysters'

    The 'Oysters' cases are manufactured on request by our partner ASM Seriplast at Boufferé (in Vendée, France)

  5. Step 5: Dealing with waterproofing

    That's the final phase in the making of the spy. An inert resin is cast into the cases, an o-ring is added and an ultrasound welding perfects the waterproofing

  6. Last step: Activation and sleep mode

    After the magnetic pin gets activated, the Spy is examined in an emission test and settings test. It is ready to be delivered to the client.

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