Flex Analyser

The connected buoy is a real meteorological submarine station with a real-time report of environmental parameters on the Flex Analytics platform, thanks to the LoRa technology. You can access from your desktop, mobile or tablet device to different parameters of water bodies like in deep seas, estuaries or rivers. No need for maintenance nor recalibration of sensors for 12 consecutive months. About 270 immersive sensors are available.

Technology dedicated to environment

1-year battery life

Up to 270 types
of sensors

Real-time alerts
by SMS or email

Analysis and access
to your data in real-time

Discretion, autonomy
and reliability

How are our products manufactured?

  1. Step 1: Manufacturing the electronics

    The cards are manufactured in France by the Flex Sense company

  2. Step 2: Integrating the firmware

    Flex Sense's firmware is injected in the components

  3. Step 4: Getting specialised

    The Flex Analyzer is specifically built to fit the client's needs (270 available sensors). The Gel batteries are integrated and the frequency for the data transfers is selected according to the specifications of the client

  4. Step 3: Making of buoys

    The buoys are carried to Vendée. The superstructures are manufactured and the components are ordered.

  5. Final step: Activating the material

    The buoy is pressurised and the data are transferred on the Flex Analytics account of the client.

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