The Adventure Flex Sense

  1. Company founded in 2015

    Since 2014, the associates of the future innovative company, Flex Sense, has discussed the future of their respective trades and of the new economy. Whether it be sea trades, industrial businesses or renewable energies, the associates have foreseen that a new kind of field assistants would soon see the light. After a few weeks of research on the available technologies, some services still need to be set up, these would be technologies of high range, higher level of autonomy, with an affordable cost and an adapted user interface. The Flex Sense project was on track. Flex Sense was finally founded in July 2016 with a share capital of €300,000 and hosted within the business incubator LOCOnumérique in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée department, France)

  2. Launching the Connected Oyster after the WAQ event

    With the help of startup contests, a whole bunch of market tests were set up, leading to the first official presentation in front of marine life professionals in July 2016, which were able to try out the first prototype of spying oysters in September 2016. A great campaign of communication in France and abroad started before the end of year celebrations. In March 2017, the second generation series was delivered to our clients in large quantities.

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  3. Winner of the Digital Contest 303 Tours - Atlantic 2.0

    In December 2016, Flex Sense participated to qualifying rounds of the 303 Digital Contest, a regional competition organised by Atlantic 2.0. While the digital ecosystem knew very little of the innovative society, Flex Sense scored points, challenged the companies of the digital world of Nantes and won the first prize of the contest.

  4. Finalist Vinci Start Up Tour

    The Vinci Start-up Tour, whose theme dealt with the digital experience for the final client of Vinci, invited Flex Sense regarding its high achievement at the 303 Digital Contest. Flex Sense was able to present its solutions at the Nantes International Airport in front of a board of directors from various divisions of the Vinci group. The network grows bigger.

  5. Vainqueur Prix International WAQ 2016

    Following the 303 Digital Contest, Flex Sense was invited to pitch at the International Startups Contest in Quebec. Despite the presence of the whole FrenchTech ecosystem and of startups of various countries, Flex Sense won the first prize of the contest.