Sea facilities

Flex Spy

Our spying oyster is composed of a specific and robust encapsulation (its plastic is food-compatible). They act as real sentries, camouflaged within oyster parks and deep-sea cultures. Its highest recorded autonomy (60 months) and its temperatures reports allow shellfish farmers to access to the best of connected technology at a low pricing. Our Flex Monitoring application (iOS and Android) gives you access to the Flex Analytics platform.

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Flex Analyser

The connected buoy is a real meteorological submarine station with a real-time report of environmental parameters on the Flex Analytics platform, thanks to the LoRa technology. You can access from your desktop, mobile or tablet device to different parameters of water bodies like in deep seas, estuaries or rivers. No need for maintenance nor recalibration of sensors for 12 consecutive months. About 270 immersive sensors are available.

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Flex Analytics

The online tool for the management of your data (environments, movements, security, monitoring) and of your alerts is easy to use and compatible with all your devices (tablets, personal computers and smartphones). No specific computer skill is required: the application is adapted to your business logic and allows a quick start. Manage your equipments, teams and obligations intuitively on an user-friendly interface.