The first wireless telemetry network that

fits your business. fits your business.

Our Leitmotivs

  1. Theft protection

    Active monitoring on a 24/7 hour basis. When your facilities operate just fine, a report is generated weekly. Whenever an irregular activity is detected, a real-time alert is sent.

  2. Product tracking

    Keep geographical records of your trackers to the nearest metre and for a period of 50 days and more, even with no mobile network coverage or with a bad GPS signal

  3. The LoRa network's power

    The low frequency LoRa (that stands for Long Range) allows a good propagation of waves in natural areas (within a range of 30km)

  4. Analyzing your business data

    View your data on an interface specifically designed for your activity. Graphs, histograms, diagrams, you define your needs. Comparisons are possible between different sites, years, seasons and so on.

  5. Custom technology

    Flex Sense designs and manufactures custom electronic boards on your request to meet your expectations. Whether it be for agricultural activities, industrial sites, housing or else, we can provide solutions for most industries

Our business activities

According to the needs and the business of our clients,

we integrate the best of smart objects technology to meet 3 simple applications:

Fight against theft

Monitoring of goods and people

Reporting of conditions and specific information



Sea facilities

Our products

Industrial site monitoring

Our products

Worksite monitoring

Our products

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Our Products

Flex Spy

Our spying oyster is composed of a specific and robust encapsulation (its plastic is food-compatible). They act as real sentries, camouflaged within oyster parks and deep-sea cultures. Its highest recorded autonomy (60 months) and its temperatures reports allow shellfish farmers to access to the best of connected technology at a low pricing. Our Flex Monitoring application (iOS and Android) gives you access to the Flex Analytics platform.

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Flex Analyser

The connected buoy is a real meteorological submarine station with a real-time report of environmental parameters on the Flex Analytics platform, thanks to the LoRa technology. You can access from your desktop, mobile or tablet device to different parameters of water bodies like in deep seas, estuaries or rivers. No need for maintenance nor recalibration of sensors for 12 consecutive months. About 270 immersive sensors are available.

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Flex Analytics

The tool to manage your data (environments, movements, security, monitoring) and

 your alerts is easy to use and compatible on all your devices (tablets, personal computers and smartphones).

The user interface is so simple to get familiar with, no particular knowledge is needed, also it will totally fit the needs of your business.

Manage your equipments, your teams and obligations in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

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